A team driver has been blasted for causing a terrifying clash during a road race in France.

Cyclist Amandine Muller was leading ‘the race of the future’ in the Championnats de Cyclisme de l’Avenir (under-19 French championships) when a car takes out her back tyre.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Car hits cyclist during Championnats de Cyclisme de l’Avenir race.

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Vision of the incident shows the driver talking to and looking at his rider Célia Gery when he hits Muller.

The collision happened when Gery was in second place and there was just 31km to go in the 81.9km race.

Muller went down immediately after the car hit her bike, and Gery then went flying over the top of her.

The driver clearly wasn’t looking at the road ahead.
The driver clearly wasn’t looking at the road ahead. Credit: @F3Alsace

Incredibly, both riders avoided being hit by the car.

Professional Cyclists Association president Adam Hansen was furious with the car driver.

“We are so grateful Amandine fell on the left side and not the right, as the car couldn’t stop fast enough and it could have been fatal for her,” the former Australian professional cyclist blasted on social media.

“We will watch this final outcome of the DS (Directeur Sportif) very closely.

“I hope whatever the outcome is, he realises a car can be a weapon in the wrong hands.”

Muller and Gery were both able to get back on their bikes and finish the race.

After Muller went down, Gery flipped over the top of her.
After Muller went down, Gery flipped over the top of her. Credit: @F3Alsace

Their positions were reversed, however, with Gery crossing the line first and Muller coming second.

Fans were appalled and in shock after vision of the incident emerged on social media.

‘My God… the guy was totally distracted… what a mistake…‘ one said on X (formerly Twitter).

Social media account BikeBlz said: “I can’t believe this!!! Amandine Muller (Grand Est) and Célia Gery (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) were accidentally run over by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes team vehicle!”

Another fan said: “That’s hard to believe that can happen.”

While some fans noted that Muller had drifted over into the wrong lane, others called for the ban of support vehicles.

“Might just be time to ban support vehicle drivers from talking to their riders. Amandine Muller is lucky to be alive,” one fan said.