Protestors have clashed over a controversial council decision to ban same-sex parenting books in Sydney’s west.

The heated standoff occurred outside Cumberland City Council Chambers in Merrylands on Wednesday night.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Heated standoff erupts over controversial ban on same-sex parenting books.

Cumberland City Council has faced backlash after the decision to pull same-sex parenting books from library shelves on May 1.

Demonstrators from the Pride in Protest group have gathered to call for the council’s ban to be reversed.

“We’re diverse, but we can sit down and come together around shared values,” petition organiser Caroline Staples told 7NEWS.

Staples spearheaded a campaign to urge the council to overturn its decision, with over 40,000 people signing a petition that was handed to the council on Wednesday night.

Protestors wanting the council to uphold its decision met with Pride in Protest groups in a tense standoff.

“Not surprisingly, given what we’ve got here, they’re terrified in their own community,” Staples said.

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