If you’ve never heard of the brand Cariuma before, don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

These uber-comfortable sneakers are some of Hollywood’s best kept secrets with the likes of Helen Mirren, Ashton Kutcher and Robert Downey Jr owning a pair and sporting them far and wide.

While it’s slowly making its mark Down Under, Cariuma’s sneakers are certainly one to watch; with an exterior just as stylish and plush as the interior is.

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My favourite pair from the range is the $145 NAIOCA, which could easily be mistaken for a pair of Adidas or New Balance kicks.

A fresh take on a classic style, NAIOCA is designed for life “on and off the board”, the website reads, referencing the skateboarding chic look and feel of the shoes.

The shoes are made from LWG-certified suede and ethically sourced natural rubber.

The Cariuma sneakers are a Hollywood favourite.
The Cariuma sneakers are a Hollywood favourite. Credit: Instagram
The suede shoes are 5 a pair.
The suede shoes are $145 a pair. Credit: Instagram

Inspired by the feeling of walking barefoot in the grass, the team custom-designed the insoles to provide all-day comfort and support.

Cariuma was founded by Brazilian friends David and Fernando, who bonded over a mutual love of boardsports (skateboarding, surfing and snowboaring) and Brazil, and later founded Cariuma.

The pair knew that the industry-standard “cool-classic” sneakers were really uncomfortable and that the big corporations weren’t necessarily socially responsible or caring about sustainability in an active way.

“Absolutely love these! Wore them all day right out of the box!” one person wrote on Instagram.

There are four different shades.
There are four different shades. Credit: Instagram

A third said: “Love my shoes! I now own four pairs”.

They also felt they had a duty to take a stance against the wasteful practices inherent in fast fashion.

The result is sneakers that “are good-looking, crazy comfy and consciously made”.

For more information and to shop Cariuma’s range, head here now.