A disgruntled Canadian waitress has sparked a furious debate after she called out an Australian family for not leaving her a tip.

Employee Alexis posted a video explaining how the night unfolded after she served the family at the restaurant in Canada.

When the family left after paying their $200 ($A300) bill, she quickly noticed a problem.

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“Today I served this Australian family and their bill was $200, and they left no tip,” she said in disbelief.

“I get it you’re not from this country but still… get with it.

“I am never serving Australians ever again. Bye.”

A Canadian waitress has sparked fury over a detail in an Australian family’s bill.
A Canadian waitress has sparked fury over a detail in an Australian family’s bill. Credit: @alexiszarya

Alexis said her friend who was dining at the restaurant decided to tip her $30 ($A45) to “make up for it”.

She then counted up her money for the night.

“I worked five hours and made $83 ($124) for my hourly and $150 ($224) in tips so in total made $46 ($69) an hour,” she said.

“Shout out to my friend for giving me money for the table that didn’t tip.”

Her video has received more than 100,000 views and people in the comments were divided.

“In Australia, we pay for our food, not your wages. Talk to your boss,” said one.

“We don’t tip in Australia, especially not for rude workers,” added another.

“The expectation of the tipping is ridiculous. Your boss needs to pay you better,” said a third.

However, others sided with the waitress.

“When in the USA, you tip,” agreed one.

“As an Australian, I am sorry, always tip when in the USA,” said another.

“I would tip. It’s the done thing in the US,” added a third.

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